Three competences of a future top-manager at Promomed

Promomed 18 May 2022

Three competences of a future top-manager at Promomed were named by the director of human resources and organizational development Yuri Troyankin in his presentation at the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum named after Semashko in St. Petersburg. In his opinion, this is creativity, the ability to manage a mixed structure and a high level of emotional intelligence.

«In today's BANI world, which has changed the era of VUCA, a person cannot be effective without creativity. Creativity is the first and necessary quality. The second quality is the ability to manage a mixed structure that combines people and technology. And without doubt the third skill is a high level of emotional intelligence. Without these qualities, no effective interaction in flexible teams and a hybrid environment is possible,» Yuri Troyankin spoke.

Promomed Group is actively developing, attracting new employees to the management company and production facilities. Our experience shows that in recent months the attractiveness of domestic companies in the pharmaceutical segment, such as Promomed and Biokhimik (member of Promomed Group), has noticeably increased for candidates. For prospective employees the combination of the organization's stable position in the market and Group’s development projects is especially attractive. Companies like Promomed have a unique opportunity to select highly qualified candidates, many of whom were not willing to consider company change.

«When forming a team, I mean managers first of all, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the set of competencies, but also to the concordance of individual value system and the corporate culture.» Yuri Troyankin added. «Then the elements of involvement, interests, and the unity of the value space will work. That is why Promomed Group's corporate competencies are linked to the characteristics of the target corporate culture – values and mission.»

Russian Pharmaceutical Forum named after N. A. Semashko is the largest event in the industry. Every year, representatives of well-known pharmaceutical companies, regulators and experts gather in Saint Petersburg to discuss current topics. This year, special attention was paid to the issues of working under sanctions, mechanisms for ensuring the stability of the pharmaceutical market and supporting drug availability, anti-crisis measures and prospects for the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry.