Cooperation between Promomed Group and an engineering center – an example of cooperation for innovation

Promomed 20 May 2022

The executive director of Biokhimik JSC (member of Promomed Group) Dmitry Zemskov discussed the collective use center and alternative solutions in the development of innovative drugs at XXIX Russian Pharmaceutical Forum speaking at the session: «Strategies for drug supply in Russia. A look at the current scale of availability of innovative and generic drugs from pharmaceutical companies, regulators and patient communities».

«Now the government and business are making significant efforts to create conditions for the development and launch of innovative domestic drugs. But for an innovative drug to be born, someone has to make it. The industry is experiencing a severe shortage of developers, young scientists working on new molecules and drugs. What about numerous collective use centers, unfortunately, they operate without taking into account the needs of specific manufacturers and the demands of industries,» said Dmitry Zemskov.

As a successful example of interaction, the speaker mentioned the experience of cooperation between Promomed Group and the Engineering Center of the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology. At the collective use center of the industry’s flagship university, modern technologies at the request of various pharmaceutical and chemical companies are developed. Promomed successfully uses this resource center for research in the development of new drugs; programs for the training of young scientists are developing at the university.

«In the end, this is not only work on the company's goal, but also on our overall result — innovations and availability of Russian pharmaceuticals,» Dmitry Zemskov summed up.

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