Sorafenib is a new drug in Promomed Group's oncology portfolio

Promomed 28 June 2022

Sorafenib-Promomed became the fifth drug in the company's anticancer portfolio, which already includes drugs for the treatment of widespread types of cancer, such as myeloma, non-small cell lung cancer and prostate cancer.

Sorafenib is a targeted drug, a low molecular weight multikinase inhibitor. It is used to treat renal cell cancer, hepatic cell cancer, as well as differentiated thyroid cancer (resistant to radioactive iodine).

Sorafenib has a proven clinical efficacy. The action of the drug is aimed at blocking certain signals of tumor cells, which prevents their further growth, and also prevents the growth of blood vessels that deliver oxygen to the tumor.

The development and production of anti-cancer drugs is an important strategic area for Promomed Group, the company that is focused on solving significant medical problems, saving and significantly improving the quality of life of patients.

Sorafenib-Promomed will be produced in the form of tablets with a dosage of 200 mg, which is suitable for standard treatment regimens.

Like most drug products manufactured by Promomed Group, Sorafenib is included in the list of vital and essential drugs.