Modelax-H® — a new drug in the gastroenterological portfolio of Promomed Group

Promomed 21 November 2021

Promomed Group received marketing authorization certificate for a medicinal product that improves functioning of gastrointestinal tract; the product is based on one of the most effective osmotic laxatives sodium citrate. The drug is available in a convenient microclysm format, which allows using Modelax-H® for treatment of any patient without age restrictions.

The efficacy of the laxative produced by Promomed Group is due to the combined action of active ingredients, including sodium citrate, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate and sorbitol, which helps bowel evacuation in a very short period of time (usually from 5 to 15 minutes). An important feature of the drug is that it acts directly on the focus of the problem, without affecting the upper part of digestive tract. The components of Modelax-H are excreted without absorption, distribution and digestion in the body.

The product is available in containers with a flexible applicator tip and rounded edges, which allows safe injection of a laxative.

The appearance of a gastrointestinal product with an excellent safety profile in the Promomed’s portfolio is an important step in the development in this area. The condition for which the drug is intended is more and more often diagnosed in younger people, even in children, so one of the main tasks for the company was to launch a drug that could be recommended and prescribed to almost any patient without age restrictions, including children and pregnant and lactating women.

«Modelax-H is developed for safe solution of a very urgent and delicate problem in gastroenterology. A specially designed release form for mild and physiological use of Modelax-H, the absence of contraindications for patients of any age and an affordable price determine the importance of the brand for the company's portfolio,» commented Kira Zaslavskaya, Director for New Products at Promomed Group..

Today, Modelax-H® it is available in the form of rectal solution in 5 ml microclysms, which corresponds to current therapy regimens.