Promomed Group at SPIEF. Day 1: «Security of Drug Supply»

Promomed 16 June 2022

Dmitry Zemskov, the Executive Director of Biokhimik JSC (member of Promomed Group), and Kira Zaslavskaya, Director of New Products of Promomed Group spoke about the industry functioning under severe restrictions and post-pandemic conditions and about the future of innovations in pharmaceutical industry in their speeches at the sessions of the first day of the Forum.

During the plenary session «Regulatory affairs 2.0. Stress test of the system: from pandemic to new challenges» Dmitry Zemskov said: «Now it is important not to lose the experience that we gained during the pandemic, and to preserve the mechanisms created to support the industry, especially for new original drugs. This is the most important catalyst for the development of our industry.» The speaker noted that the industry is now facing certain limitations in excipients and analytical equipment. All difficulties are being successfully resolved, but it is important to put the work on the production of technologies and compositions on stream. Zemskov named logistics as the main problem of pharmaceutical production. «It is the complicated logistics that is the reason for the indexation of prices for medicines of the lowest price category (up to 50 rubles per package), because there are no serious problems with the supply of chemical raw materials or active pharmaceutical substances for their production.»

«We believe that it is important to deal with innovative drugs, because only they can ensure real drug supply security for the country,» commented Kira Zaslavskaya at the session «From innovations to generics: new prospects for Russia.» «We understand that these are risks, we understand that additional restrictions may arise in the current situation. But we believe that it is necessary,» added the Director of New Products of the Promomed Group.

Kira Zaslavskaya also noted that one of the most important steps that domestic pharma can take to develop the innovation market is cooperation with research centers: «In order to quickly create innovative drugs, you need to constantly be in the same information field with research institutes, create platforms for inventory and discussion of R&D activities. At the same time, government support in the implementation of such projects as, for example, «Youth Laboratories» and cooperation of pharmaceutical manufacturers with the scientific community as an industrial partner will increase the number of applied developments and accelerate the emergence of Russian innovative medicines.»

On the first day of the Forum, the first of the planned signings of documents between Promomed Group and major national universities took place. Biokhimik JSC of Promomed Group and the Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University have agreed to work together to develop long-term, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of training highly qualified personnel for the domestic pharmaceutical industry, staff development and joint research in the development of medicinal and biologically active substances*.

* Promomed Group’s Biokhimik and the Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University signed a memorandum on strategic partnership at SPIEF

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