Biokhimik of Promomed Group became the best enterprise in the region next year in a row

Promomed 29 April 2022

The Biokhimik plant of Promomed Group was recognized as the «best industrial enterprise of the region» and won the Red Banner once again. Artem Zdunov, the head of the Republic of Mordovia, presented the award to the Biokhimik’s staff during a ceremony at the Yaushev Musical Theater.

Biokhimik JSC becomes the winner of the republican competition for the second year in a row. By tradition, the selection is carried out in the following nominations: manufacturing, construction, trade, transport, communications, small business, agribusiness, education, healthcare, and culture.

The competition committee takes into account economic performance of the company, its profit, average wages of workers and specialists, results in production and in social sphere, contribution to professional training of employees.

Biokhimik JSC demonstrated high results in production and in the social sphere just like last year. The volume of manufactured products in 2021 increased by 45% and amounted to 89 million packages of medicines for various purposes. The company's team has increased by 170 people.

«The Republic of Mordovia is rapidly increasing its industrial and investment potential. It is an honor and responsibility for Biokhimik to be the leader of this trend. A successful company, motivated employees, a favorable environment for life is our daily mission. We will continue to develop the plant, build new workshops, train employees and young people, and contribute to the prosperity of the city and the republic as a whole,» said Dmitry Zemskov, Executive Director of Biokhimik JSC.